Insect eating: The ultimate guide to eating crickets

When you hear about eating insects most people gross out. However, insects are concidered a delicacy in many parts of the world.
Most of the insects eaten are farm grown. In some places, they don't shy away from eating insects collected from the wild.

Eating insects is concidered:

  1. Healthy: Since insects have less fat content.
  2. Enviromentally friendly: It takes less amount of food/plants to rear insects compared to cows.
  3. Subtitute: People who don't eat milk and meat products can try out insects as protein substitute.

Which insects do people eat

There are more than 2000 edible insects in the world according to Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands. The most commonly consumed insects are:

Insect Consumption (%)
beetles 31%
caterpillars 18%
bees wasps and ants 14%
grasshoppers, locusts and crickets 13%
leafhoppers, cicadas, planthoppers & true bugs 10%
Termites 3%
Dragonflies 3%
Flies 2%
Others Others: 6%

Which stage in the life cycle are insects consumed

Insects are consumed at different stages of their life cycles. Some of them are:

Insect Stage consumed
Beetles Adult or Larva
butterflies and Moths Worms
Bees and wasps Eggs, larvaes or pupaes
Ants Larvae and pupae
Crickets, grasshoppers and locusts Nymph or adult
Termite Winged adults
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How are insects consumed(eaten)

Crickets have no distinctive flavour so they acquire the flavor of whatever they are mixed with. These insects are either:

  1. Eaten whole. They are dry-roasted, baked, deep-fried or boiled.
  2. Turned/ processed into flour, pasta, protein bars or energy bars. The most common insect used to make flour, protein bars and energy bars is crickets.

Interesting fact: Eating insects as food is called entomophagy.

I want to start eating insects where do I start?

Great! I like your enthusiasm. There are 3 ways you can consume insects:

As whole

You would need to find out if there is a local restaurant in your area offering bugs in their menu.

Eating insect is not yet mainstream so expect this as finding a needle in a haystack.

Protein bars

Since most people have never tasted cricket protein bars, companies offer a starter pack containing 4 flavours.
This is a risk free way to taste all the flavours before commiting to buying one flavour pack.

Cricket flour

If you love cooking, you can experiment with some cricket flour in your own recipes or try out other cricket recipes.

You can add the flour to your own recipes to add the nutritional value.

Sample Packs

Exo sample pack
Chapul sample pack
Naakbar sample pack

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