top 100 names website screenshot

Top 100 Names

Created a web application to help parents choose babies name based on top 100 baby names in USA from 1880 to 2020

Skills: API integration, Website Development

Tools: React, Jekyll

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Local Languages

Local Languages

A platform dedicated to helping individuals collect and translate their local language vocabulary.

Skills: API integration, Authentication and Authorization, Website Design & Development

Tools: Next JS, React, Javascript, AppWrite (Backend as a Service)

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autospeck shop

Autospeck Website

Designed and built a marketing website for an automotive belts supplier in Kenya

Skills: Website Design & Development, Content Writing, SEO

Tools: Jekyll, Bootstrap 5

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Agency Jekyll theme screenshot

Agency Jekyll Theme

Resolved 3 issues on the project's Github repository.

Skills: Web development

Tools: Jekyll, Liquid, Git, Github

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Agency Jekyll theme screenshot

Grace Haven Church Website

Created a church website with information suitable for both members and visitors.

Skills: Web design & development

Tools: Wordpress

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SAAS website screenshot

SAAS Website

Converted website design (Figma) into a Hugo website. Added cookie consent form and visual content editor.

Skills: Design to Code conversion, Headless CMS & Cookie consent integration

Tools: Hugo, Decap CMS, Tailwind CSS, HTML, CSS

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Shahada Hugo theme screenshot

Shahada Hugo Theme

Create a Hugo based website theme for creating an online presence for academic professionals

Skills: Website Design & Development

Tools: Hugo, SASS, HTML, CSS

Live Demo Github website screenshot

Created and maintained the website and content whose main audience is frontend web developers.

Skills: Web design & development, SEO

Tools: Jekyll, HTML, CSS

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Uwezo Hugo theme screenshot

Uwezo Hugo Theme

Created a Simple Hugo single column blog theme.

Skills: Hugo theme development

Tools: Hugo, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript

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Branch website screenshot


Converted and existing website screenshot into an actual website

Skills: Website Development

Tools: Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript

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Tailwind CSS